Our Creatives Indigenous Accelerator Program...

is unlike any business course or accelerator program out there. It’s an entrepreneurship program centered on Indigenous values, informed by lead faculty Kelly Holmes’s decades-long experience as a Native woman leading a media and fashion business.

The six-week Creatives Indigenous accelerator program offers Indigenous entrepreneurs a rigorous exploration and application of topics, including business opportunity analysis, business model development, leadership and team building, managing cash flows, and more.

Our qualitative goals include supporting entrepreneurship and innovation to reinforce cultural knowledge and traditions while advancing innovation and building a more inclusive and dynamic creative economy.

We invite you to share the journey of rethinking how economies can work better for all and celebrate the extraordinary entrepreneurs we have worked alongside.

What Makes Our Program Stand Out

Creativity is our Specialty
Indigenous communities harbor extraordinary creative and cultural talent. Our curriculum and content is tailored to sectors where Indigenous entrepreneurs are leading innovation and new business development, such as: immersive media & tech, food & cuisine, art, design & fashion, outdoor recreation, and more.
Built For & By Indigenous Creatives
Native values and learning styles frame all of the course content and approach to information sharing and knowledge development. Native learning styles center on social and experiential learning, so our pedagogical approach reflects applied learning, self-reflection, mentor stories, and more.
Unique Course & Program Elements
Our deep expertise as curriculum designers and entrepreneurship educators is distilled into this world-class online learning journey for Indigenous entrepreneurs that's accessible. Our program offers an online portal, 80-page workbook, complimentary resources, 1-1 mentorship, and more.
Student Benefits of the Program
Students who complete our programs gain benefits such as: a Certificate of Completion (non-credit or in some cases CEUs) in Business from Creatives Indigenous, learn directly from leading industry experts, real industry scenario assignments, self-paced lessons, engagement with other students, and more.

Host a Program with Us

We invite you to share the journey of rethinking how economies can work better for all and celebrate the extraordinary Creative Indigenous entrepreneurs we have worked alongside to accelerate success. Partner with us to host a program in your area.