IAIA Creative Entrepreneurship Course

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This program is designed for students wanting to start or operate an art or creative business that incorporates their Native American culture and identity. We combine an innovative approach to entrepreneurship tailored for creatives who work in the arts and design sectors. Students explore the business foundation, business model, sales strategies, finance, and marketing concepts. This program not only prepares students for the entrepreneurial challenge of starting, operating, marketing, and pitching a business effectively but also empowers them to enter the business world confidently with a distinct plan. Included are additional offerings to ensure the highest level of success in students, such as tailored support by our faculty, marketing tools, templates, mentorship, and more. Including Native-centric education and experience in the lessons makes this program an equitable course for Native students.

Student Learning Outcomes:

● Gain an Indigenous perspective on business and entrepreneurship.
● Develop a successful business model.
● Prepare an effective sales strategy.
● Learn vital problem-solving skills.
● Demonstrate basic skills for acquiring customers.
● Demonstrate effective business presentation skills.
● Develop teamwork skills.
● Produce and analyze financial projections.
● Apply critical thinking skills to business scenarios.
● Prepare an effective pitch deck for fundraising.

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