Spring Workshop Series

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Click the button below to Register for classes Building a Values-Centered Indigenous Business March 30th and April 6th5pm – 6.30pm MST As Native entrepreneurs our perspective is often unique and our approach to growing a business is attuned to the needs of our families and communities. This perspective can form the basis of a successful, sustainable business. Identifying your values …

IAIA Creative Entrepreneurship Course

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This program is designed for students wanting to start or operate an art or creative business that incorporates their Native American culture and identity. We combine an innovative approach to entrepreneurship tailored for creatives who work in the arts and design sectors. Students explore the business foundation, business model, sales strategies, finance, and marketing concepts. This program not only prepares …

Creating Your Own Platform

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Course Description: Our course on Creating Your Own Platform & Amplify Other Artists helps creative entrepreneurs to establish a platform, create a community of support, and amplify artists with successful marketing so that they can use their new platform to amplify themselves and other artists and make money.  Milestones: 

Branding for your Business

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Course Description: Our course on Branding for your Business helps entrepreneurs to brainstorm and build branding so that they can create an optimal and strong identity for their business.  Milestones: 

Supercharge your Social Media

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Course Description: Our course on Supercharge Your Social Media helps small business owners to explore social media platforms and learn the foundational elements of planning and implementing a successful social media strategy so that they can utilize it to find customers and increase sales. Our course leader is an expert in using social media effectively, and you’ll learn how to …

Setting Up Your Sales for Success

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Course Description: Our course on Setting Up Your Sales for Success helps creative entrepreneurs to learn simple and effective strategies and methods to attract customers, and generate and increase revenue while keeping costs down so that they can position their business for success.

Mastering Marketing

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Course Description: Our course on Mastering Marketing helps creative entrepreneurs gain the knowledge, insights and perspectives on effectively marketing and growing their business with digital marketing, social media and email so they can become a master at marketing.

Fighting for your Business

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Course Description: Our course on Fighting for your Business helps beginner entrepreneurs to understand their potential as business owners, how to take on their business journeys confidently, and be ready to fight for their business so that they can become successful entrepreneurs.